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Quinta Dos Roques

“Located between Mangualde and Nelas, in the place of Abrunhosa do Mato, Quinta dos Roques is well the example of the spirit with which the new Dão is being built. From the early Roques, more than a century ago, the vine and wine are part of the daily life of this family, although for a long time the production satisfied little more than the consumption needs of the house.

After choosing the best places with granitic and, at times, schistose soils, in gentle southern facing slopes, the best traditional grape varieties of the region were planted following the most advanced techniques. A new winery was then built, combining the modern with the traditional, the science and technology with art.
Side by side, in perfect symbiosis, electronic presses appeared alongside granite “lagares”, stainless steel vats with oak barrels, cold systems with underground cellars. And the very first produced wines immediately showed that everything was on the right path.

Currently Quinta dos Roques has 40 hectares of modern vineyards, which are distinguished from the others by the rationality of the systems of conduction and by the quality of the grapes produced.
The wine production, with a tendency to increase, is around one 150 thousand liters, of which 10 thousand are natural sparkling wines. The wines are marketed under the designation Quinta dos Roques and Quinta do Correio.”