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Quinta de Curvos

The estate Quinta de Curvos has history going back more than four centuries with many legends that date to its founding, many of them told through the diverse surroundings, from the old manor house to the caves, and when passing by the lake, the gardens and the vineyards. Production of vinho verde is the main operation at Quinta de Curvos, requiring significant investment in modem equipment over time in order to take advantage of the range of grape varieties grown there and, thus, to be able to ensure wine quality. Quinta de Curvos has taken on a new life with these improvements and still today is a 100% family-run business, relying on the second generation's dedication to carry on with the project.


Located in a valley with influence from the Neiva River, within the Demarcated Region of Vinho Verde (Entre-Douro e-Minho), the vines at Quinta de Curvos are strongly influenced by the Atlantic, at the same time benefitting from granite sols as well as the generous exposure to the sun, all of which define the unique character of the wines produced there. The 27 hectares of vineyards are distributed among four properties located in Forjães, Ponte de Lima and Barcelos.