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Quinta Da Serradinha

Antônio Marques-da-Cruz produces his wines at Quinta da Serradinha, a family-owned vineyard, located on the limestone's slopes of Serra d'Aire, near Leiria, Portugal.The region benefits of the fresh climate of the Atlantic Ocean to produce wines with refreshing mineraliiy and ageing potential. Towards the end d maturation in September, humid Atlantic winds compensate the dryness of the soif maintaining the grapes primaries aromas resulting in a more complex wine. 

The Organic mode of production, together with the long Guyot pruning method, produce a more concentrated grape, with a good balance between the quantiiy of bunches and foliage. The harvest, made by experienced pickers who are familiar with our vineyard's selection criteria, occurs from September to October according to varieties; the grapes are selected directly from the vines into 15kg boxes. The winemaking process used only the natural grape fermentation process, with no addition of oenological products other thon dioxide sulphate (S021 for conservation purposes. The result is a wine that reflects its terroir, the conditions of the vine and the climate. All the wines are bottled without filtration neither clarification.