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Ignorante Wines

Jorge Leonardo, a Portuguese in diplomatic functions from 1999 until 2012, returned to his alma mater after years of living abroad in several countries, engulfed by international negotiations and papers... Yaël Moreno, a casting director from Madrid, works in the Spanish movies industry. In between American movie productions she loves to let her hands taking care of the soil and plants...

They met some years ago and they fell in love. They had a dream...

One day they decide to take care of a centenary property in Dão Region, in Portugal. With a small but ancient vineyard.


"We should produce the best wines, of excel quality, in the (small) quantities that Nature wants to offer us!"


This project has been financed exclusively with our own private funds.

Our wines are grown in Quinta Lobo da Estrela and are around 40 years old. They are the result of an ancient grapevine, built with granite and black stone pillars, in a terroir where quietly grows unique and elegant wines.