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Encosta Do Vale Galego

The wine producer M. Cordeiro, is the accomplishment of an old dream whreby a high quality wine was produced using traditional farming techniques. In 2007 the Encosta do Vale Galego wine turned the dream into reality.


The name Encosta do Vale Galego comes from the hill where the first vineyard was planted. Located in Pafarrão, at the Serra D'Aire foothills,within the Tejo wine region, this area is known for its high qualily fruit production. Currently, the vineyards extend across an area of 8 hectares divided into three vineyards: Encosta do Vale Galego, Vinha do Carvalho and Vale da Lapa.


Farming began in 2004 when land to grow the vine trees was identified, and the most suited grapes for the argillaceous soils of the region were selected. This meticulous planning resulted in the production of superior quality wines branded Encostado Vale Galego.


Along with maintaining the excellent quality of soil, Manuel Cordeiro is also responsible for meeting the vineyards everyday needs. Our oenologist António Narciso is the key behind the production in the cellar.