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Two different terroirs: Schist and clay
Today a total of 26 hectares (64 acres) of vineyards ensure an absolutely strict control of the whole winemaking process, from the start. Monte Branco winery focus on the Portuguese grape varietals, carefully selected by its adaptation to the terroir. Soil types have a decisive role in Monte Branco wine character. Clay soils are the basis for good production, while poor and austere schist spoils provide concentration, acidity and aroma. Each has its own expression, and both play a complementar role in Monte Branco’s wines.

Monte Branco intelligent Winery
Built in 2006, Monte Branco winery integrates in the Alentejo countryside landscape, in a prime location, facing the village and castle of Estremoz. With a producing capacity of 300,000 litres of wine per year, Monte Branco winery reflects an accurate approach on winemaking that goes well beyond its pure architectural lines. The entire winery was designed with a focus on sustainability and functionality, both through the intelligent use of technology as well as energy.