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Alves De Sousa

The Douro has a unique landscape. It is the world's first demarcated and regulated region (1756) and a UNESCO Word Heritage Site. There are few places that reflect so well the admirable feats that can spring from Man's effort and dedication. It is in this region that Domingos Alves de Sousa produces his wines, according to a family tradition begun by his grandfather, which is today also taken up by his children.

The vineyards, as a whole, cover an area of around 123 ha, distributed in 6 estates: Gaivosa; Vale da Raposa, Caldas, Estação, Aveleira and Oliveirinha. In parallel with the family's important winegrowing legacy, the vineyards of tomorrow are prepared today.


In the family" s wine cellar, every year the profile of each wines is perfected and new interpretations of the Douro are created. New techniques, new styles, some already revealed, others still being developed and matured. We explore the diversity of the region's traditional varieties and the ecological diversity of the vineyards. Wines such as Quinta da Gaivosa, Abandonado, Vinha de Lordela and Reserva Pessoal stem from the dedication, innovation and deep respect for the terroir on the part of thei creators, Domingos and Tiago Alves de Sousa, in partnership with the consultant winemaker, Anselmo Mendes.